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9/6/2007 12:45:20 AM
Posting the converted flash on my website Hi,
This indeed is a really cool app. oh sure u can publish your presentation on your website......I just did it recently, so I know exactly what all is needed..
I am pasting the answer I got from the support people regarding the same issue.Here it is

These are the folders and Files in your output folder for every Import, which constitutes a complete Flash output. By default this location is \My Documents\authorGEN Projects\Presentation Output Folder\aP Lite Flash.

1. Data

2. Images

3. Slides

4. AC_RunActiveContent.js

5. Index.swf

6. Index.html (This is the launch file)

You can copy these from output folder for any import and distribute anywhere through which ever means you feel like including hosting this on your own site. authorSTREAM is just one of the modes for online sharing which we provide for free if someone does not have a sharing platform.

If you use authorSTREAM, you can always use embed tags for presentations upload on authorSTREAM to embed these anywhere in blogs OR on your own site.
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