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9/12/2007 6:05:27 AM
Posting the converted flash on my website Thanks Johnson.......It really was a great help
9/15/2007 7:09:32 AM
sound in presentation. Hi,
These r the types of files supported by authorpoint.....
Audio-wav, wma
video -avi, wmv

You have not mentioned which product u r talking it
authorpoint or authorpoint Lite..let me know which product u r talking about, then I can give u the relevant files supported by each of them.
9/19/2007 6:49:19 AM
Animations and rehearse timing not working in the converted flash output check in the authorPOINT Lite application within the Tools>>>>>>>Options>>>>>>>>Settings tab>>>>>>Narrations/Rehearse timings, whether you have selected/checked the “Use if found” option(which is checked by default). Select this option and then again import your presentation.
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