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3/30/2008 5:36:44 PM
No audio in Flash output with authorpoint lite Administrator,

From reading the information on your web-site I understood that authorPOINT Lite *does* support embedded audio. That's the reason I'm trying to use it. Now I read in your reply to this message that it doesn't. Will aPL support embedded audio in the future?
3/30/2008 5:46:22 PM
Import Failed Office 2007 Bill,

I have the same set-up as micky34 - WinXP & Office 2007, aPL 3.0, and am experiencing something similar: I am trying to convert a .ppt with 22 slides. It gets as far as 'Processing Slide 2/22', and then stops and reports: 'Failed'. This happens both when I start from aPL and do Import, and when I start from PowerPoint and do Send to aPL.

Office 2007 is activated, as far as I understand.

I'm not sure what you are referring to by "the PowerPoint Instance".
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