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7/13/2008 7:41:07 PM
Can a authorGEN file be uploaded into moodle freeware which I use for teaching? You can also do it by zipping all the files in the apLite folder and uploading it under resources as a file. Unzip the contents and link to index.html and it will work. I find it is best to make a seperate folder in Moodle to uzip all the bits to first.
7/14/2008 1:07:36 AM
Rehersed timing's not working very well Thanks for the reply I looked up both links but it doesn't help.
I have all the animations set to medium, not fast or very fast and I am using fade as my animation anyway and it is not working the same as original as is should according to the link http://www.authorgen.com/flash-sdk/powerpoint-animation-effects.aspx on my Flash. It is very slow. I find that the narration I have done is almost finished before the animation that was supposed to come in at the beginning of the slide for emphasis even starts.
Any other thoughts?
Thanks again.
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