Installation Instructions - authorPOINTTM Lite
Congrats for selecting authorPOINTTM Lite - a state of art PowerPoint to flash conversion tool. This installation guide is designed to give simple and interactive instructions on the basic installation of authorPOINTTM Lite. Under most circumstances installing authorPOINTTM Lite is a very simple process and requires few steps to complete.

Things You Need For The Installation:
The authorPOINTTM Lite set up (just under 5 MB) is one of the lightest installers that you come across. Before running the installer, there are just a few things you need do.
  • Download the latest authorPOINTTM Lite Set up from our website;
  • Uninstall the earlier version of authorPOINTTM Lite from your computer, if installed; and
  • Make sure no Microsoft Office product is opened.

Steps after you have downloaded authorPOINTTM Lite:

  1. When you run aplitesetup.exe that you have downloaded from authorPOINTTM Lite website, the authorPOINTTM Lite Installer's splash screen appears

  2. To start the installation process, hit 'Next'.
  3. The authorPOINTTM Lite End User License Agreement window opens up.

  4. Please go through the EULA (End User license Agreement) carefully. If you accept the terms therein, click on the 'I Agree' option.
  5. Click 'Next'.

  6. The 'Select Installation Folder' window opens up.
  7. Check out the location where the authorPOINTTM Lite will be installed. You can click on the button marked 'Browse' to select a different location.
  8. Select whether you intend install authorPOINTTM Lite for every user who uses this computer or just for yourself.
  9. Click on 'Next' button.

  10. The installing authorPOINTTM Lite window opens up displaying the displaying the progress of installation. When the installation is complete, the 'Next' button gets enabled.
  11. Click on 'Next' button.

  12. The Installation Complete window opens up displaying the message that authorPOINTTM Lite has been successfully installed.
  13. Click on 'Close' button to exit.

  14. This opens the 'authorPOINTTM Lite Customer Experience Program' window.
  15. It is recommended that you click on "Yes, I agree to let authorPOINTTM Lite collect presentation specific information." That will help us improve authorPOINTTM Lite to suit your requirements.
  16. Click on 'Ok'.
    Congrats!!! You have successfully installed authorPOINTTM Lite. You can now view authorPOINTTM Lite being included in your authorGEN list.

  17. Click on authorPOINTTM Lite start menu.
  18. And start converting your PowerPoint to flash.


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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