Software and Hardware Prerequisites for using authorPOINT

Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista
  • authorPOINT runs on 32 Bit OS Versions only.

Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2002 (PowerPoint XP), PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007

  • *Windows Media Player 8.0 or higher for Windows Media Output
  • Flash Player 8 or higher for Flash output.

Supporting Browser
  • *Internet explorer 5.5 or higher required for Windows Media outputs.
  • All browsers will support Flash output including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla/Firefox, and Safarit.

Hardware Requirement

CPU Pentium III or later

128 MB RAM (minimum 256 MB recommended)

Disk space: Your system hard disk should have sufficient space to maintain your presentations.
  • Approximately 50 MB of available for authorPOINT
  • Approximately 50 MB of available for authorPOINT Lite

*Multimedia - Sound card

*Recording Device

*For Audio: Microphone

*For Video: Webcam, digital camcorder handycam through Firewire capture cards or USB

*Not applicable in case for authorPOINT Lite


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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