F.A.Q of authorPOINT

How can I install authorPOINT to start authoring my e-learning Flash presentations?

There are two ways you can install authorPOINT-
  • Either go to http://www.authorgen.com/authorpoint/trialversion.htm and download the trial version of authorPOINT. There are two installer set ups available for you to download- Complete Installer Setup and Smart Installer Setup. Try out the trial version, and get it upgraded by purchasing the activation key from us.
  • OR you can directly purchase authorPOINT by mailing us at sales@authorgen.com.

How long can I continue with the trial version? What all features are available to me during the trial period?

How do I start recording presentations for elearning after I install authorPOINT?

What does the security block message which appears on clicking authorPOINT menu mean?

How do i remove authorGEN's logo at right bottom of Flash output? Further, is it possible to put my own logo in place of authorGEN's logo?

What is the difference between presentation name and presentation title?

Where are authorPOINT Projects saved?

How do I change the location of my authorPOINT projects to a selected location on my computer?

Before I capture a presentation, how do I ascertain whether my microphone is working fine?

How do I make captions appear in the output?

How can I use a pre-recorded file in a presentation? And what all formats are allowed?

While playing the slideshow for an MS Powerpoint 2003 presentation repetitively, why some of the objects appear missing or the background color changes to black?

How can I draw the viewers' attention on a point?

Why does it not allow overwriting a presentation at times?

Why does the Preview get stuck at the time of recording?

Can I re-record a slide while large presentations?

Why does the Preview get stuck at the time of recording?

Why does authorPOINT capture fail with some other software installed?

How do I see the captured presentation?

What all rich media formats can I build my presentations in? What are the scenarios in which these rich media formats work better?

What are the pre-requisites to view various formats?

Which browsers can play Windows Media and Flash outputs?

Why do Windows Media presentations skip annotations?

What do I do with old projects? Does authorPOINT 3.9 support them?

What does recover projects option in Content Manager Do?

Why are Build options disabled for a presentation listed in Content Manager?

Why am I not able to see a recovered project?

What content does the search function in Content Manager Search for?

Why I am not able to use authorPOINT's CD/DVD Writer on restricted user login?

How can I publish my presentations to web?

What is authorSTREAM?

Can I save my presentations to Flash drives?

How do I update authorPOINT?

What is authorPOINT's Customer experience all about?

F.A.Q of authorPOINT Lite

I can't hear my audio in the output?

Can I convert PowerPoint Presentations with Embedded audio\video?

I get an alert for Flash in my browser when I start authorPOINT Lite, what do I need to do?

Some of the slides appear blank in the output.

Which office versions are supported?

How can I distribute my presentation's output from authorPOINT Lite?

Is authorPOINT Lite compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista?


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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