How does authorPOINT convert PPT to SCORM compliant Flash video format?

authorPOINT is a PowerPoint to Flash plug-in tool that works as a toolbar inside PowerPoint to create SCORM compliant Flash presentations for your LMS. You will find the authorPOINT menu and tool bar in your PowerPoint window. Simply install authorPOINT. Then open your PowerPoint presentation and you are ready to begin capturing your synchronized authorPOINT presentation by clicking the capture button. You can capture audio only, to complete audio/video, and save to Macromedia Flash version 8 or higher and Windows Media format.

Are PowerPoint presentations converted to Flash video format exactly similar?

The result (shown above) is a completely synchronized multimedia presentation with your slides, corresponding audio/video, speaker notes (optional), and easy-to-use navigation tools. PowerPoint presentations, when converted to Adobe Flash video, are exactly similar to the source file, retaining formatting, effects, colors etc.

Features of authorPOINT 3.9 for SCORM compliant Flash presentations

  • Capture PowerPoint presentations while you present.
  • Annotate or use pointer tool while capturing to communicate better with viewers through your authorPOINT multimedia Flash presentations
  • Edit and update recorded presentation details such as presenter's information, slide notes and slide title after a presentation has been captured.
  • Easily synchronize PowerPoint presentations with pre-recorded audio/video files for final multimedia Flash output.
  • authorPOINT updates to keep authorPOINT updated with latest features and bug fixes.
  • Build your presentations in SCORM for LMS and ADA compliant Flash format so that they can be viewed in any browser.
  • Deliver video in multimedia Flash output to enrich the learner's experience.
  • New Flash player with improved GUI and standard media player-like controls for easy navigation for viewers.
  • Build your multimedia e-learning or business presentations in Flash and Windows formats.
  • View Flash presentations on Desktop PCs.
  • Use a simple wizard to publish your presentations to authorSTREAM, a streaming media server for web based delivery to viewers.
  • Use a simple wizard to publish the content on our site WiZiQ (for online education), a perfect platform for sharing educational content with the students. Use WiZiQ's virtual classroom equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording capabilities. No download is required since it works with any web browser and on any operating system. And above all, its absolutely free.

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authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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