Why Convert PPT to Flash or the SWF Format?

The following advantages of Macromedia Flash format over the PowerPoint format make Flash the chosen media for sharing presentations across education and business networks:

The Flash format is widely compatible: SWF or Flash files are compatible with most operating systems (platforms) and most devices, including handheld devices.

You can add sound: Audio can be integrated easily in a flash file, be it explanatory notes or background music.

Flash files are Accessible: Most browsers have the flash plugin installed, which makes it easier to play the converted PowerPoint presentations, as additional software is not required.

Flash files are small in size: Flash files are highly compressed and therefore, the preferred streaming media for the internet, or for file distribution. Presentations,when converted to Flash become very portable and can be easily shared online through email and websites, and also do not take up much space, if the need is to deliver your presentations through removable media like CD-roms etc. A PowerPoint presentation, when converted to Flash, is only upto a tenth of the PPT file size.

SWF is resolution friendly: Flash files are friendly with any size or display resolution. This makes them easy to handle across various device display sizes.

Streaming technology is the way to go: This enables you to play a video file without waiting for the whole file to download. Flash being the preferred streaming media, can enhance your reach when you need to do big or lengthy presentations.

Flash files are very secure: PowerPoint presentations can be easily edited, while Flash files are more secure. SWF files also do not pose any security threat, therefore, these are not sifted at firewalls. This ensures seamless delivery.

authorPOINT 3.9 -- Our PowerPoint to Flash Converter with a web cam or digital cam enables you to create meaningful presentations in PowerPoint by adding video, audio and search functionality, and converting to Flash video format for easy sharing in e-learning and business.


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authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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