Getting Started Tutorial-authorPOINTTM

This tutorial shows how to get started with authorPOINTTM step-by-step.

Add Prerecorded Video in PowerPoint

You can add your own customized video clip in a powerpoint presentation in authorPOINT, before converting to Flash Video or other preferred media movie file format. Simply select the "Pre-recorded video" option in the "Audio/Video capture options" section and then select the audio/video file you wish to use as shown in the screenshot below.

Capture Audio and Video in PowerPoint

Before building your presentation through authorPOINT the 'Test Microphone' function allows you to confirm the fine recording of your voice. The VU meter is displayed that shows the level of your microphone's receptivity. After checking the microphone, click on the button marked 'Launch authorPOINT' to move to screen where you will begin capturing your audio/video recording.

Record PowerPoint Slide Presentations

The next screen you will see is the PowerPoint slide presentation view with the authorPOINT dashboard at the top. Just click on the Red button to start recording.

Capturing Video in PowerPoint

When the video appears in the left box of the capture window and the red button starts blinking, your presentation is currently being recorded. The capture window provides you with forward and back navigation buttons so that you can easily switch to next or previous slides.

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authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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