Getting Started Tutorial-authorPOINTTM

This tutorial shows how to get started with authorPOINTTM step-by-step.

Activating authorPOINT toolbar in PowerPoint

First you will need to install authorPOINT. The installation process adds the authorPOINT toolbar to Microsoft® PowerPoint. After the installation, open the PowerPoint program.

You will see the authorPOINT menu and the authorPOINT toolbar displayed in the PowerPoint window. If the toolbar is not displayed, right click in the tool bar region and check against the add-in -- "authorGEN" -- to display the authorPOINT toolbar. The authorPOINT toolbar should now be visible. The authorPOINT menu or toolbar gives you access to the entire feature set of authorPOINT.

Open the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to capture through authorPOINT. You must save the presentation before it can be captured.

Launch authorPOINT

Next launch authorPOINT. You can do this by either clicking on the icon marked Launch authorPOINT in authorPOINT toolbar or go to the authorPOINT menu and select Launch authorPOINT.

Capture Video Presentations in PowerPoint

The launch authorPOINT window will open. Enter the title of the presentation as you want it displayed in the output. The 'Presentation folder name' field is the folder name all the content files will be saved under. The 'Save Presentation at' field displays the default location where presentation will be saved. You can choose to leave this as the default settings, or you may change the location by clicking on the button marked 'Browse' and selecting the folder where you would like to save your presentation.

For audio/video capture options, you can either select to capture live audio/video during the presentation; OR you can use a pre-recorded audio/video file from your computer. If you select the capture 'live' options, you will then choose the audio/video device(s) that you will use in order to capture the audio and the video.



authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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