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5/22/2008 5:40:34 AM
Comparison authorPOINT and authorPOINT Lite Hello Tim

You can download the feature comparison document for authorPOINT and autorPOINT Lite.

6/4/2008 2:29:11 AM
Three Quick Questions... Hello

Yes, the authorgen logo can be removed and replaced with your company logo. you need to purchase the authorPOINT for $299 and additional $199 for unbranded version of output player.

You can follow the instructions in authorPOINT's help or 'Getting started with authorPOINT' got installed with authorPOINT.

You cannot add attachments to pdf files.
6/10/2008 5:40:13 AM
image and text registration we are working on the improvements.

Like :- alignment of text, object placement etc.

We recommend not to use space before or space after settings in the paragraph tab for the text in the presentation.

6/10/2008 6:01:26 AM
Size of generated slide Hi
Use the standard size of 720*540 pixels (10*7.5 inches ) for the slides, in page setup of powerpoint and reconvert it with autorPOINT Lite.

6/17/2008 7:37:02 AM
Question regarding links Hi

Yes, hyper links on text and images are supported with aP Lite (with office 2007) but with office XP\2003, only links on images get converted.

6/19/2008 11:51:36 PM
No audio in Flash output with authorpoint lite Michalska, Latest release of authorPOINT Lite 3.1 is currently available for free download with support for Embedded\Linked Media support (Wav\Mp3)
7/13/2008 11:51:03 PM
Rehersed timing's not working very well 1.We recommend not to use 'Custom timings' or 'Very fast option' for animation timings.

3.The best practices link is available at :

4. The link for animations we support is :

We recommend the use of animations marked Same as Original in the above link.

7/13/2008 11:58:28 PM
Audio across all slides Hi Mike

Current version of authorPOINT Lite does not support embedded/linked media across slides. We play audio only on the slide in which it is linked/embedded (As in your case it is slide 1, and the audio will play only for slide 1.) This will be supported with our next release scheduled shortly.

The current fix is to use the sound as transition sound. The transition sound will play across slide as you want in your case. Attach the sound as transition sound for first slide, and you will get the desired output.

7/15/2008 1:39:22 AM
margins around SWF for Trade Show Template The white space can't be reduced as it is the stage area of the file. The stage area can't be changed at runtime. The output of the tradeshow and E-Compact players is just the change in positions of the objects as per the output desired for the presentation.

9/10/2008 12:07:49 AM
JAVA API Unfortunately we do not have any JAVA API available for PowerPoint to flash conversion.
9/10/2008 12:09:22 AM
Mac OS / Office support authorPOINT Lite is not supported with Mac OS.
4/11/2009 5:50:58 AM
convert a ppt with a linked audio and video Hi
If you have office 2007, authorPOINT Lite currently supports, AVI (video) and WAV, MP3 (audio) media files in PowerPoint file to convert them into flash.
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