authorPOINT 3.9 Release for Rapid E-learning Flash Authoring

Release Note - 2.5


November 16, 2007.

The authorGEN family is pleased to announce the release of authorPOINT 3.9 with new features for rapid e-learning authoring as listed below.

People and groups affected by this release.

1. End User (Instructor/Presenter)

New in version 3.9:

  • authorPOINT 3.9 is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Improvement in PowerPoint to Flash output with more support for animations , animated gifs and narrations.
  • 'Upload to WiZiQ' feature added. WiZiQ is an online education platform for teachers and students to share content.
  • New User Interface for 'Upload to authorSTREAM' with auto remember option.
  • Flash output will now be of 5 minutes with trial version instead of 2 minutes as with the earlier version.
  • Build failure rate has been checked and improved.
  • New improved interface for flash output player with the addition of new template.

Features depreciated in version 3.9:

  • Outputs for Real media and Pocket PC will not be available with this release.
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2000 has been dropped.
  • Quick convert to Flash has been dropped.

Known issues in this release

  • Network installation is not supported.
  • Capture may hang during making annotations in Office 2007 with high resolutions.
  • Annotations in the flash output may not be proper or as drawn in Office 2007 with high resolutions.
  • Few web cams may get stuck for a few seconds after user clicks continue after pause state while capturing. However, this will not affect the recording of the file, which will be perfectly recorded.
  • CD/DVD writer in 'Distribute Content' does not work on restricted user login.
  • Does not support USB Microphone.
  • Random behavior of animations might occur sometimes in HTML output.
  • Flash output
  • Content Manager is not able to process some AVI files, for which video codec is not installed in the respective system.
  • Read-only and password protected Power Points are not supported.
  • Embedded and linked media files supported only in Windows Media output with the following known issues:-
    • Inconsistent behavior.
    • Not applicable for Flash objects; they will be visible in the Windows media presentation; but if they are moved/removed from the original location, they will not play.
    • Media objects embedded in master slides will get copied in all the slides folders - hence increasing the presentation size.
    • Sound used in slide transitions not supported.

System Requirements

On a fresh system you need to install the following tools/applications in order to run authorPOINT.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (PowerPoint XP) or above.
  • Flash player 8 or above for viewing desktop Flash presentations.
  • IIS on the server needs to be configured to run FLVs from server. Add a new entry to MIME types: extension= .flv, MIME type = video/x-flv.

How to install

  • Smart installer that downloads and installs only the files which are required on a particular computer.
  • Complete installer downloads the complete setup, approx. 130MB.

Note: InstallAP will uninstall authorGEN for PowerPoint 2.0, authorPOINT 3.0, authorPOINT 3.01, authorPOINT 3.5, authorPOINT 3.6, authorPOINT 3.7,authorPOINT 3.8 and authorPOINT 3.9 (if already installed) automatically. All other versions will have to be uninstalled manually.


  • authorPOINT 3.9 can be registered and upgraded from trial version to authorPOINT Plus (the complete version of authorPOINT 3.9) by entering the activation key in Content Manager.

Note: authorPOINT 3.9 has a new set of activation keys; the keys of authorPOINT versions earlier than authorPOINT 3.6 will not work. Contact to get your key.


authorPOINT Compatiablity

authorPOINT is now compatible with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

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